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Web3 Manga

High-quality manga series will be released to Ikigai holders. Each page will be released as a NFT mini-drop

IRL Manga

Holders of all Manga page NFTs will receive a free physical copy of Ikigai manga IRL.

ETH Airdrop

Some holders will receive free Ikigai airdrops on the Ethereum blockchain for a future collection.

Physical World

Exclusive merch drops for Ikigai holders, physical manga books, and meetups at CNFT Con.


Ikigai holders have voting power over the funds in the community treasury. Learn more! 

The Future

We will continue to reward our holders with exclusive giveaways and whitelist opportunities.

The Wanderers of Ezume 


Our Story

The Ikigai team includes members from different parts of the world. This, along with our extensive experience in art, business, and the NFT space, forms a team that understands the challenges of developing an ambitious project on the Cardano and Ethereum blockchains. 

The team is bringing you the Art of Tetsuo, our artist and co-founder. The Book of Ikigai is his work, and we are proud to work alongside him to bring you an immersive universe of art and lore. 

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